Great Loss

Last week has been a rough week... long hours at work, 3 new dogs in the rescue on Wednesday plus the new one on Saturday and Timmy who was returned Saturday. The good news is Timmy already found a forever home so the return was short lived. Wednesday night I received a phone call saying that a friend of mine was in the hospital. He was bit by a dog and the bite got infected and things were not looking good. Long story short on Thursday afternoon this world lost a great great man. A man that was dedicated to his wife, his dogs, his boarding kennel and helped many dogs find loving forever homes. You are very missed by many many people Bruce Arnesen. I must say in a tragedy like this it makes you stop and think: What is really important in life? Who are your true friends? Who will be there if you really need something? Seriously makes me realize that getting the negative people out of my life is a good thing to do. I need to focus on those who really matter to me not those who are greedy and want to take from me.

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