Cellulite Solutions

Cellulite is one of women's nightmares. The reason? Cellulite gives a bad aspect to hips, thighs and buttocks, because it makes the skin look rippled and not tight and smooth. Cellulite resides under the skin and it is actually body fat that has gathered in shapes of small bags that create that bumpy aspect women dread. A body without cellulite is the dream of almost all women, but unfortunately, only 10% of all women can consider themselves totally cellulite free. Even a skinny woman can have cellulite, so cellulite is not a sign of obesity. For the rest of 90% of the women that do suffer of cellulite, there are several solutions that can ameliorate the look of the skin and make them feel more secure about their body. The most effective way to get rid of cellulite is a healthy lifestyle. This involves a lot of exercise, which include special exercises for cellulite treatment and prevention, plus a healthy fat free, low calorie diet combined with cellulite massages at least once a week. This is the surest recipe towards a cellulite free body. However, many women do not have the time to eat healthily and go to the gym.
So, there are alternative solutions to treat cellulite. For example, there are cellulite gels available in the specialized stores or on the Internet. These may be effective, or at least give a smoother look to the skin. These gels may be pricey and may need daily use. Some women prefer to get rid of cellulite through lymphatic drainage. This is a surgery that is costly, and is also painful, but after the surgery the cellulite is gone. On the other hand, special care must be taken after the surgery. Exercises are required and a proper weight loss diet plan is also essential in order to keep the body in the exact shape that it had after the surgery. If not, the cellulite will be back in no time, and the surgery won't be effective. The anti cellulite massage is a very popular method to make it go away. A regular visit to your massage therapist can destroy the cellulite under your skin and make it look good. So, if you have decided you want to eliminate the cellulite from your body, you need to choose one of the methods to get rid of it. You know it best which one suits you the most and which may have the best effects for you.

Flashback Into my Teens

I found this blog, and it gave me something to think about. What was I doing! 10 years ago. Let's see, that would be in 1995 and I would be 13. What a nice time... or maybe not. In my younger teens, I wanted to be different from everybody else. I disliked some of the people in my class, the rest I was in love with. I was obsessive (or starting to get obsessive) about music, britpop was the big thing. Which was good for me since nobody else where I lived liked it. And I wrote a lot of letters. I had pen pals all around the world, or at least all around Europe. As all teens do, I thought I was having a miserable time, and I was the only one in the world who had it like that. 5 years ago. The year I turned 18, the year 2000. Well, this autumn, my grandfather died and my mom almost burned down our kitchen. Not too good. The good bits was that I got my cat in late october. He's a funny, weird, fat and food-loving black-and-white street mix named Munti (or Merry, in english), and I can't have him with me because I'm allergic to animals. I live in a tiny little room sharing my kitchen with 7 other people.

So he's staying with grandma, otherwise known as my mom 1 year ago. Now, I had lived in Tromsø for a few months, and I was almost finished with my first semester at university. This time of year I was studying hard for exams, with some people who turned out to be not so good friends. I'm happy they are out of my life. Apart from that, I was very much young, free and single and enjoying it. This was about six months after a long-term relationship ended so I enjoyed it a lot. Yesterday. I spent the better part of the day reading for my next exam, will start writing it today. It is an assignment on the change from norse religion to christianity. It's interesting stuff. And it's only five pages so I'll be finished in no time and can enjoy some relaxing before I go home on christmas holiday to relax more! Spent the evening with my boyfriend, watched tv. Not much interesting. So. Last ten years of my life. I was thinking about it a few days ago, how this blog will be fun to read in a year or five. I've never managed to keep anything diary-like for this long before, so I am looking forward to it.

I have by the way started to look for somewhere else to live. Fed up with my neighbours, fed up with the student organization who owns this place, fed up with the way it looks here. Fed up with everything. What I would really like, is to by my own apartment, and buy all the furniture (I hope IKEA comes to Tromsø... inside joke) and decorate just how I want it. But to do that, I have to first win the lottery. And to win the lottery, I have to buy lottery tickets. And to buy tickets, I have to have money. And I don't have any money. So no apartment for me. So... it's looking for a new room to rent. Oh and I have some very big news, but they are a secret so I can't tell, in case anyone who shouldn't know happens to read this. But I am so excited! I just want to scream and go "wheeeee". I can probably tell in about a month, but then the excitement will have worn off. By the way, it is now ten minutes to nine in the morning here in Tromsø, and it is still dark out. How much does that make you want to get out of bed / your room? Not much for me. But I do have to get going. I am supposed to do my laundry in exactly ten minutes and then be on my way to catch the bus. I am so not making that today.

Accurately Haunted

Long before your sharp departure, I had been having these icy flashes of something one could call daylight inquietude. Still, the more I was sinking in everything that has been, the more unnatural it seemed to reckon that I won't be expelled from perhaps the most unwarranted thing in life, that for each minute of warmth, one must walk miles of anguish. Yet I don't give in. To come to terms with a wreckage, one must make a deal with his ghosts, it's a risky bussiness. As for me, the sole possible choice was backwards, to live inside the open wound instead of bearing the upsetting scar.

You see, things have become so much different these last years. It happened imperceivably, in slow, yet irreversible cuts, the more we got closer, everyone around started to get smaller, turning into shattery, irrelevant lines. Do you sense it? The world is meager, it's us who've grown much larger than it, overwhelming ghosts. I'm haunted by an image. It's not the one that kept following me last year, the inert body, face down in the water, the dream of forgetfulness, one who's been to hell will not come back. This time, my dream is one of stillness, hazily drawn yet somehow very similar to the softening, disentangled chills of a never ending night time taxi ride. of course, some days are harder. The hollow faces in the streets, the irksome hands in subways, they still scare me, but soon they will cease to control will avenge from what still and fully lives within, be it entire possession.

I've been feeling it for a long time, now I'm sure of it, you and I live in the very same body. Your wintry torments, they impel a harsh weight on me, sometimes in the form of a strange noose. Days like these, I forget to eat. As the steps inside become louder, my eyelids turn red and sore, heavy hands press on my chest, my collar bones ache, my body feels unbearably tight. With all disarrangement of things, I, for one, stand still. one who has but one moment to live no longer has anything to dissimulate.