A Nice Way to be Back

So... today I'm featured at my lovely friend's blog Sarah: Them Pretty Colors. I must say I almost said no to this lovely invitation because I am so shy and uncomfortable about having the focus and the lights on me. Then I decided it was no big deal, that I should just relax and not worry too much. Aren't I right. I'm glad I accepted and honored Sarah thought of me. I haven't posted much lately, not even giving any news. But it was quite for my good! I tend to think that when you need it, a break is always beneficital: I needed it. The truth is that I've been really absorbed by my body matters lately, concentrating on exercizing and way to improve my body shape. I'm an ex morbidly obese girl (I had always been fat all my life and I lost 155 lbs 12 years ago without any help) and it's a really long journey to re-appropriate your body back, polish the angles, shape, cure and forgive. I had been stable for years at US size 12 but thought last November it was time to work on my body again and lose some weight again. It's only last winter I could get rid of water retention (allelujah!), learn how to re-build my feet arches (that were flattened due to years of weight excess), correct my hip posture (and tone up my abs).
I'm trying also to help my loose skin with cosmetotextile clothes (and it works). All these things are done all alone without any help beside my sister's emotional support so, it's a path as long as it is one getting me very rich of experiences and excellent lessons learned. That's mainly why I wasn't there posting about cosmetics. As I'm typing those words I'm in the best shape I've ever been in my opinion (considering my body history, it's all relative) even if it's not won and finished yet. For now I'm a French size 38 (US size 6) for a 5'3'' which I think is not bad for a girl who was more than 290 lbs 12 years ago and more than a US size 24. Maybe someday will I post before/after pictures of me? Who knows! I have never done that. Mainly because I'm not the kind of person to stop, sit and watch behind. Once something is finished I set myself a new land to conquer! Anyway, I have a lot to show cosmetic talking and I hope I can keep a nice routine with my posts. I've been in a total lipstick craze lately, red especially so I'll probably show a lot of lips things I grabed here and there. I have some pictures done already but haven't really finished anything yet. Oh well. I guess everything will be just fine. Have a nice day!