Sooner Later or Never?

There are perfect crimes after all. Even when all the evidence points in one direction it is not strong enough to make a case. We have one of those cases right now in New York. The suspect is being released in a couple of months. There are many more cases that can compare of suspects that walk free after the most heinous crimes . Makes you wonder how many are in jail that shouldn’t be and how many are out that should be in. We have it backwards, it appears. Of course, that is the exception, or we hope. In those crimes and any unpunished wrong doing we are left to hope that at some point justice will be done for what they have done onto others. That the essence of true fairness of Divine Justice will call them to order or that their Karma, all their bad energy put out will return to them with the same impact. "You get what you give" either in this life or another life. That kind of justice seems to rely on vagueness and hope that some form of retribution will be done eventually. But if it delays or never comes, I always wonder whether there is punishment already in knowing we have done wrong onto others. Can we sleep at night or are we haunted by the ghost of our actions? I would hope that our conscience be our most just and rigid prosecutor. It is possible to escape every law but I hope it is not possible to escape ourselves. The crimes and wrong doing might not be as perfect as our sense of justice or at least I would hope so.